About GDT


Gombe Development Trust is a community based volunteering development trust that seeks to develop and help the community around the Gombe mountain in Buhera, Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe. The area is a rural community and has over the years seen lots of its young generation move out looking for greener pastures. The children of Gombe area have been successful in their different ways and different locations hence the need to lobby for them to help the community in setting up development projects and also using the knowledge they have gained outside to make a difference.




To see development and self sustainability in the Gombe Community.




To develop our Community to become more responsible, develop healthy lifestyle options, empower them, reduce poverty and suffering, create employment and economic opportunities and achieve social, economic, cultural and environmental goals.


Our Story


The Gombe Development Trust came into beign after two cousin brothers had long communications on how they can help the community back home. The brothers Tendai and Soils then saw it as a challenge to go it alone in 2015. They romped in the orthe sons of the soil namely Jaison Midzi, Tendeu Mauswa, Joseph Chidhakwa,  Ellen Garikai, Simbisai Chitendere, Takunda Mauswa, Newman Mugwenhi, Kudzayi Kasirayi Muchigwe to name but a few. More people started to join the group as the number of volunteer members grew. As with all projects it has not been rosy and through the years we have gained experience and we have learnt a lot. In the begining most projects ended up on paper with no implementation. We now have started implementing some of the projects with the most successful beign co-ordinating with 3 Primary schools namely Makumbe Primary, Gute Primary and Makwiramiti Primary school to identify 10 learners in need each for beneficially of stationery to aid in their studies. For this to be effective we have taken this as a long-term endeavour, that is well planned, inclusive and equitable. All the work should be of benefit to the community, grounded in experience that leads to best practices. We endavour to make it holistics and intergrated into a bigger picture that will be supported by community members who will then have a sense of ownership. We are in the process of making a dream for an annual Primary tournament that will be coupled with development workshops and awareness participations.