Development Programmes

The goal is to bring the community to work in harmony and compliment each other in doing small scale developments that will then cascading to the enrichment and development of the whole community

Educational Support

There are a lot of under privileged children who are excellent in their academics but have little or no source to carry their education further. We plan to help were we can.

Financial Mobilisation

Infrastructure is the backbone of development. Mobilising funds we can set the foundation of development through provisioning of infrastructure that will help the community develop themselves

Our Core Values

Community Aid

Help the community were we can so as to improve their lives.

Network the Community

Link the community with Sons of soils who no longer reside and the international community who are willing to help improve their our community

Financial Aid

Raise money for developments with the aid of friends from all over the world

Raise Awareness

No man is an Island so by raising the community challenges we encourage the spirit of Ubuntu among the community there by helping ourselves to help ourselves

Educational Aid

Helping the students in need to further their studies and encouraging them to go further so they can develop the community in future


Run Programmes that will improve the lively wood of people and helping the community keep up with world trends



The head, SDC, trs and the pupils of Gute primary school would like to thank you and Gombe Development Trust for the assistance that you gave to some of our pupils in the form of books, covers and pens. We greatly appreciate this kind of love that you gave to us. We always looking forward to working with you.


Gute Primary Headmaster

” Thank you GDT for remembering our less fortunate kids who have shown potential and deserve the hand of hel you gave us “

Makumbe Primary School Representative

” To everyone who had a hand in making the contribution we thank you and wish you continue to support us and not let this be a once off thing. Thank you very much and were ever it has been subtracted can it be multiplied 10 fold “

Makwiramiti Headmaster